Great Rejoicing as Reinforcements Dock in Tripoli

A package was waiting on my doorstep upon my return from holiday. Of course, it was docked in TRIPOLI (the local post depot) and had to make its perilous way to the front, be sprayed in desert colours and find its way to the correct units. The reinforcements were mostly artillery and limbers for DAK, with a couple of India pattern carriers and a couple of Dovunque 35s. The Soviets even got an 85mm AA piece.

You just want to see the pictures don’t you? Apologies, they were taken in a hurry by a low-flying recce Spitfire.

90th Light Division, Schwere Shutzen-Regiment 155/200

I was surprised that the Sig 33 was such a large model compared to the Saurer .

Dak Artillery. Panzerjaeger Abteilung 605, 1942 onwards

The pair of Sd Kfz 7s and the Diana that I bought look small. They have been shortened to fit a standard FoW base !!! This is my seldom-seen grumpy face 😦 *

Diana on Sd Kfz 6 Chassis

These pictures and a few others have been put into the updated DAK orbat post for GAZALA. I should probably make it into a page so that it is easier to find.

* Since making this comment, I have realised that the Sd Kfz 6 was shorter than the 7, and was replaced by the 11, so I shall just place the two tiddlers into the orbat slots for Sd Kfz 11s and buy a couple of proper 7s for the 88s. Harmony is restored 🙂



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3 responses to “Great Rejoicing as Reinforcements Dock in Tripoli

  1. I always imagined the Diana to be a great, lumbering, way-too-high-in-the-silhouette-department kind of vehicle as well. Still, it will definitely pack a considerable wallop! 🙂


    • I think that you are right. The FoW model just looks too small with the pumpkin headed driver, although it is actually the correct scale height and only 3mm too short over a total of 63.5mm – pretty good for a resin casting. It is far too short for an SdKfz 7 at 68.5mm though.

      Regards, Chris


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