Sonder Anhänger 116

Sonder Anhanger 116 from a Poundland Chassis

Phil’s poundland trucks – the gift that just keeps on giving! The Anhänger 116 finally came together in about 2 hours, when my erratic spares filing system unearthed three sets of 88mm Flak wheels (Sd Ah 202 – one pair seen left of the picture above). This was a quick and dirty built with a number of glaring errors*, but it looks close enough for wargaming and is recognisable for what it is. As usual, the model is ‘battle ready’ but not finished.

Sonder Anhanger 116

This model will live in the Großtransportraum at DAK HQ. My recovered ROCO Sd Kfz 7 with dodgy tracks and wheels looks the right size to become a Famo Sd Kfz 9, so I put the two together to see how they look (below).

Sonder Anhanger 116 w Famo Sd Kfz 9

This video shows how the steering works. Looking at the single tyred axles on the 116 caused me to re-evaluate this picture, that I previously tentatively posited as a 116. The tyres on the picture are clearly doubled, so it isn’t a 116. I’m back to the opinion that it is at least 2 trailers in tandem, possibly with a field modification jury rigged between them.

Hanomag 100

This website is German Softskin heaven …Fahrzeuge der Wehrmacht, and this list will have fellow trailer spotters reaching for a calming glass of milk …  Panzer Armee Special Trailer List   as will this one … However did we manage in the 20th Century?

I am still none the wiser.


*       1. The cab at the back is too narrow, as the trailer it is based on and the 88 wheels are also too narrow. The real thing was about 14.4m x 3m. Mine is 11mm x 2.6mm

2. The wheels are double 88 wheels, not single as they should be.

3. The mudguards should not be individual at the back axle.

4. The front is too high, there is no towbar, und so wieder … u.s.w.**

** And so on … and so on.



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5 responses to “Sonder Anhänger 116

  1. Chris – don’t over-analyse! It looks great to me.


  2. Just saving folk the worry of working out the “Not Quite” bits, Tim 🙂


  3. yesthatphil

    Great stuff, Chris … I had already lined up the same trailer components for the allied versions so I’m impressed you got there first with something more elaborate 😉

    … and yes, the Kfz der Wehrmacht site is excellent (good on horsedrawn equipment, which something of a rarity …) …



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