Prelude To Winter – LENINGRAD

This game was run as a solo battle over two evenings to cover action on the Northern Front in winter 1942/3. As soon as the ground hardened, two Soviet armies (8 and 25) moved against the German forces covering the western approaches to LENINGRAD.For this battle, each division was represented by an NQM (s6) battalion.

Soviet offensive against TIKHVIG

Soviet Forces

8 Army :  4 Guards Rifle Division, 27 and 28 Rifle Divisions. Army Artillery.

25 Army :  9 Cavalry Division, 13 Motor Rifle Division, 26 Rifle Division. Army Artillery. Army Anti-tank Regiment.

German Forces in LENINGRAD

XVIII Infantry Korps :  122, 123 and 253 Infantry Divisions. Korps Artillery.

German Forces West of LENINGRAD

I Infantry Korps :  1, 11 and 28 and 58 Infantry Divisions. Korps Artillery.

Tikhvit Advance to Contact

The attack was conducted in a series of phases against the defended positions occupied by 11 Infantry Division and 28 Infantry Division  before attacking the town of TIKHVIN, occupied by 58 Infantry Division.

Destruction of 28 Inf Div

The Soviets then reorganised for a night river crossing. Remnants of  11 Inf and 28 Inf  had managed to withdraw and reorganise on the west bank, but their hastily-scraped positions did not hold.

Leningrad Reserve Demolition

A last ditch attempt at a controlled demolition, by the pioneers of 1 Infantry Division, who were guarding the bridge, failed.

Leningrad river crossing

The offensive ran out of ordnance at this point, so had to stop, but the road to LENINGRAD had been opened.


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2 responses to “Prelude To Winter – LENINGRAD

  1. Mike

    Keep pounding at them, Soviets! Interesting you did a solo game. As much as I love wargaming, solo gaming is one thing I have done very little of. Now that I’m retired I really should try it.


    • It is not my preferred option , to be fair Mike, but this little salient has been staring at me from the map all summer. I didn’t feel it had enough operational interest for a full game. The Germans called it the “Snail offensive” when they conducted this operation going east.

      Regards, Chris.


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