Really Useful Boxes

The 20mm collection was stored in box files like these. See Tim Gow's Megablitz and more to see inside his boxes.

It had to happen sooner or later: The Really Useful Box Bug has bitten. My much-loved box files are showing their age, mostly because their contents are forever  changing ahead of any attempts to label them. The new transparent A4 boxes are easier to see into without opening as my Soviet and German generals regroup their forces. My Billy Boxes are still in use, so here are a couple – boxes one and thirteen as it happens.

My "Billy Boxes" fit onto an Ikea "Billy" bookshelf (not without bowing the shelves). Note the chalked contents panel and the massive supergun waiting to be converted for AK47 some day.

My “Billy Boxes” fit onto an Ikea “Billy” bookshelf (not without bowing the shelves). Note the chalked contents panels.


Box 001 contains an Italian Western Desert Metropolitan Infantry Division, with some Army level reconnaissance . Note the rather grand overscale staff car in the top right corner of the box. Italian generals have style! The divisional artillery is far less impressive by comparison.

box013Box 013 contains a composite Bersagliari regiment and a Blackshirt legion. What they lack in equipment, they make up in elan and political zeal respectively,



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2 responses to “Really Useful Boxes

  1. Ken

    Hi Chris. I fully understand as I started the shift to RUBs a couple of years ago. Not only are they stackable but if you are looking for a really Gucchi item you can get the spacers to make your boxes into a set of drawers. Sadly SWMBO vetoed that.


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