A nice fellow called Stewart up in Scotland produces some j0lly useful models for operational wargamers – Radio vehicles, staff cars, fire tenders, cranes, tank transporters and what-not. He is quite open about the fact that he primarily produces these for his own use, with excess for sale, and that they are wargames quality.

HQ DAKThe  barely undercoated staff car and Opel radio truck are MMModels. They look the part even with my perfunctory modelling skills. The crew are Piggies and Forged in Battle. So is the SdKfz 10/4 2cm 30

The prices reflect this and give reasonable value in terms of quality, which is patchy, but excellent value if the models are on your bucket list. You will have to do a fair amount of work in terms of filing, shimming and filling, but nothing that should daunt a moderately competent modeller*, and I applaud Stewart in running a garage kit operation to make these models available.

DAK 606 Flak Abteilung

It is obvious from the castings that  components from model railway cars form the basis of some of the kits, but they are none the worse for that. If this review seems like faint praise, it isn’t. I am genuinely impressed that someone is offering kits of niche interest in 15mm and plan to order more as soon as I have this lot in service. He even has a proper Anhänger 116 – how cool is that?

Although models are made to order, my batch of 10 or so pieces was all in stock and came impressively quickly. Be prepared to wait though if you decide perhaps that you need enough landing craft to fill a display table. However, with this blog’s small but *ahem* discerning band of followers, I don’t expect there to be a sudden rush of orders. As usual, these new acquisitions have just enough factory paint to reach service. Allied stuff to follow.

 * I wish I was one such *sigh*


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