Surfing in Munich

A quick break to visit the Munich Weinachtsmarkt led to the surprising discovery of two surf waves. IMG_7412The signs warn onlookers that the dog bites (biβiger Hund), and that if you surf or swim here, you will die (Lebensgefähr). The local surfers sensibly ignore both!


The waves run through the Englischer Garten on the river Eisbach and are host to a thriving community of surfers – all of them completely mad of course! The young lady on the more popular of the two waves burned off everyone else in fine style.


When not watching (from the comfort of the bank) surfers strutt their stuff, we did the usual touristy things involving beer, Schweinshaxe, Glühwein and Wurst. Here is Suzanne in full battle gear, getting stuck into a Rotwurstl to bridge the gap between a huge breakfast and an enormous supper. Bavarians have heard of nouveau cuisine, but are rightly suspicious of it!


The eleven Christmas Markets come to life as soon as dusk falls, then party on until 9pm, when everything closes. We deliberately went during the week, when it was quieter, but still had to fight to get near the stalls after dark. It is much busier at the weekends!

IMG_7425Even the graffiti is posh!




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4 responses to “Surfing in Munich

  1. Ludger Fischer

    You should see “Englischer Garten” during summer…!

    “Hofgarten” impressed me as lovely – a few steps further I was struck by the Genius Loci of the place…

    I immediately felt myself in “Feindesland” before I realised that I was at Odeonsplatz before I spotted the Feldherrenhalle to my left.

    I trust that you enjoy the local lemonade made from barley — sold as beer to the tourists and locals alike as Bavarians are not likely to spot the difference! 😉



    • I made the mistake of asking for a ‘dunkel’ in the Paulaner Brauerei, but I was soon put straight, and the helles was lovely.

      Suzanne and I had the opposite sense of dislocation, finding a slice of English parkland in the middle of Freundesland 🙂

      Regards, Chris.


  2. yesthatphil

    Suzanne looks delighted to have gone all the way to Munich only to find men in wet suits messing around in white water … all the joys of getting away from it all! Lol! Glad you had a great time

    Frohe Weihnachten (or words to that effect)



    • She was very appreciative of the young lad with impressive pecs towelling himself down in near-freezing conditions. Worth the detour, apparently 🙂


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