General Chestikov Dictates some Orders

The New Year is almost upon us and confusion reigns along the Ostfront. Unaccustomed enemy inactivity masks a flurry of Soviet drafting and planning.* Meanwhile, General Chestikov is still being told what to think by his Political Officer.

The situation around KHARKOV is most serious Comrade Chestikov

The situation around KHARKOV is most serious Comrade Chestikov


* NQMspeak for …. I have taken up the eminently sensible suggestion of a discerning fellow wargamer**, and am putting the guidelines into the form of an e-book. The eagle-eyed reader will spot this going on in the form of revisions to the permanent pages on the sidebar.

**John Kantor



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5 responses to “General Chestikov Dictates some Orders

  1. Well done the Commissar – and General Chestikov – for coming up with such a good idea!


    • Chestikov’s staff are having trouble converting OpenOffice tables to .jpegs at the moment. I’m sure that if enough artillery is applied to the problem, it will be resolved.


      • …And I hadn’t realised quite how ramshackle some of the pages have become with all the transfers from one format to another over the years. First step is putting it all back into Open Office for transfer to a .pdf. About halfway through now.


  2. Maybe a loud knock on your door at 4am for a nice trip (choose the ‘don’t bother to pack’ option) would help move things along a bit, Comrade General?


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