NQM .pdf now available


After some 30 years of putting it off, a tidied up .pdf is available for NQM here:

NQM Guidelines

Several ambiguities have been resolved, some explanations are clearer. The Tables, which were in a shocking state after several transfers to different formats, have been tidied up and are now legible in the .pdf. I am still working on them in WordPress, which doesn’t really do maths or science, and can’t hack imports from OpenOffice 😦

… Which perhaps means that my new strapline for NQM should be:

“Tinkered with constantly since 1985”

Oh, and the happy little  D6 above was a present from Tim Gow after the Megablitz Shrivenham game that I air-umpired. It sits on my computer desk and makes me smile,

Happy New Year



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6 responses to “NQM .pdf now available

  1. Mike

    Thanks for this! Some day I would really like to try your rules if I ever do get into the Eastern front at that scale.


  2. JJ Parus

    I appreciate your sharing these…thanks!


  3. Kilroy

    Thanks! I’ve had your webpages bookmarked forever but I am much more likely to get NQM to the table with this. Bravo sir!


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