Morris c4 15cwt Wireless Van

Morris c4 Wireless VanArmy Morris c4 mk2

My infantry brigades need signals vehicles, so as I have a FoW Morris 15cwt that is doing very little at the moment, it will do nicely as a test for more conversions.

Morris c4 mk1 RAFRAF Morris c4 mk1

Type ‘Panther Tank’ into a search engine and you will be unable to wade through all the pictures that surface in a single evening. There are fewer good pictures of signals trucks around, but it quickly became clear that there were many variations on a theme.

Morris c4 mk1 in SicilyArmy Morris c4 mk1 in Sicily

I quickly found enough views to get a good enough idea of the layout for a wargames quality model based on the c4 mk2 below.

Morris c4 mk2Morris c4 mk2

The work is simple, being little more than a box and some stick-on squares, but I am pleased with the way that the authentic 8th Army ‘tinker’s cart’ look has been achieved and quite like the two-tone effect. Perhaps a Caunter scheme may follow … in a few years!

Stick some card onto a boxStick some card onto a box on the back of the truck …

Put some Paint on

Put some paint on …

Follow with an Ink WashFollow with an ink wash …

Ready for BattleReady for battle …


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