Digging in

Heavy Defended Locality

From its inception, NQM envisioned  defended localities of battalion size. I drew some pictures but never built anything that looked like the original line drawing of a defended area. Here is the first propotype at last!

Medium Defended Locality

Construction was simple. A plywood base had revetments built up with matchsticks to allow 25mm circular and 30mm square bases to fit in. DAS air-drying modelling clay was built up in three or so layers and the whole was painted with emulsion paint.

Battalion Defended Locality from the Reserve Line

Cork formed a concrete bunker for the command stand to show when the defended area was not merely a medium position, but a heavy one.  This prototype was obviously built by a Soviet battalion, as it only has space for  five  bases, but it appears to be full of Germans. Chestikov will have to do something about that!

Heavy Battalion Defended Locality


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