Katyusha BM-13s Upgraded

The Katyusha BM-13 on Zis truck or Guards Mortar as it was officially designated was as unpopular with Axis infantry as it was popular with Soviet troops. I am very fond of the two metal models that YesThatPhil gave me some time ago.

Katyusha BM13s (1)

Even though they are showing their age, and the newer Zvezda models are more accurate in almost every respect*, I am loathe to retire them. Consequently, when Phil also gifted me a couple of spare Zvezda launch rails, it was time to do an upgrade.

Katyusha BM13s (2)

Off came the original metal rails and on went the plastic ones. I’m happy!

 Katyusha BM13s (3)

 * The Zvezda kit only comes with enough M-13 rockets for one side of the rails.



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2 responses to “Katyusha BM-13s Upgraded

  1. Ludger Fischer

    Get yourself a pack of these:

    And your Russkies are just reloading their rockets! 😉


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