T-34 T Armoured Recovery Vehicles

T-34T Tractor or Armoured Recovery Vehicle (ARV)

The T-34 T or TT-34? filled the role of armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) or tyagach (tractor), as they appear to have been solely used for towing damaged tanks out of the battle zone*. The more complete role of battlefield recovery given to western ARVs was probably left to the few M3 lend-lease chasses that made it to Russia.

vehicle_t34_5This picture illustrates the way that I believe these vehicles were used … it is a tank hull towing another tank backwards.

My reading of the use of these recovery tractors is that they were all initially hulls with the turrets removed, that were modified in the field to plate over the turret ring. Some had a simple wooden hatch, others one or two hatches. Stowage baskets were added on an ad-hoc basis until some sort of order imposed itself at the end of the war and later. I am suspicious of some of the pictures around showing superstructures, as I think they are postwar modifications.

T-34 T Variants

Having said that, I should really have modelled these tyagach by converting some of my earliest acquisitions. Instead, I used newer Plastic Soldier Company models, raiding my spares bin for odds and ends. The results may not be entirely authentic, but the method is! As ever, they are recognisable for what they are meant to be.

T-34 T Variants (2)The rear ARV is the simplest conversion, and has a prototype tank rider base on the back. More about these in a later post.


*http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-34_variants (this article is pretty useful for comparing T-34 variants)


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  1. yesthatphil

    They were used for helping struggling vehicles up (and particularly down) steep slopes over the mountains in the invasion of Mongolia in ’45.


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