Spring Frolics

In spring, young mens’ fancies turn to thoughts of  … white water rafting and kayaking. Blame the recent blogging drought on a trip to Grand Tully (near KillieKrankie) for the annual Nene Raft Guides Junket (a.k.a. refresher training),  in which the younger guides see real rivers and get to watch the senior guides getting pinned on boulders. Mercifully, this year I did not make a fool of myself. The rivers were in spate and had we wanted to, we could have taken a short cut across a golf course!

At Easter, I am off back to Scotland with my kayak and a couple of friends. For the last week, the garage has ben tidied out to make space for all the junk (my rafting and kayaking kit!) in the shed, which has now had its official opening as “The Summer House”. We are thinking of calling it Bonnydoon, after that seminal Australian film, The Castle.

In the course of tidying up, I came across this little ditty, composed late one night at the Conference of Wargamers.

Sung to the tune of Monty Python’s I’m a Lumberjack.


Oh, I’m a Panzerkorps, and I’m OK,

I drive all night and I sleep all day.

I cut down trees for camouflage,

And daily ride my bike.

I wish we all had Panthers,

With petrol, like “Das Reich”.

Frankreich, Panzer V "Panther" im Gelände



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2 responses to “Spring Frolics

  1. Chris,
    I had never heard that little ditty before! Thanks for sharing it with us.
    All the best,


    • You had almost certainly gone to bed by then, Bob, being a sensible, well-organised sort of chap. I vaguely recall Jim Roche and the Good Doctor being involved in that well-regarded wargamers’ pastime, “talking b*ll*cks”. 🙂


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