Cataloguing the NQM Collection

Regular, and even casual perusers of this blog, will have worked out that there is a huge gulf between the orbat pages and the reality of the toyboxes, seen here on the Queen’s unofficial  birthday parade.

Parade 012

Trebian is fond of remarking that if you do not have a catalogue for your collection, then it is just a heap of stuff. The ever-changing catalogue for my famously disorganised heap of wargames toys is now visible on the sidebar. The sole purpose of the page is to be a photo archive of my NQM boxes. You have been warned 🙂

Showing an interest may earn you your Crossed Palms d’Or to the  Meritorious Order of the Anorak. To be an Ordinary Member, all you have to do is be an Anorak. Reading this page, for example, would qualify you as an Anorak by default. To be a Meritorious Member, you do actually have to own an anorak*.

Whilst worthy garments in their own right , furry parkas are for Junior Acolytes only and waterproof walking coats are the proud dress for smart occasions of an English Ordinary Member.

* Anyone who has met John Armatys knows that a DPM combat jacket counts too!



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4 responses to “Cataloguing the NQM Collection

  1. When I was a teenager, I had an anorak, with a pair of sergeant stripes and some plastic daisies sewn on. Dad laughed openly, mom was apalled and the barman said I should just drink more beer. The town, very small, was scandalised, at the anorak not the beer!

    I outgrew it quite quickly, especially when I went for conscription.


  2. John Armatys

    I am deeply flattered!
    I’ve been stocking up on Jackets Field Woodland Disruptively Patterned – the new MTP just isn’t the same.
    Best wishes,


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