The One True Scale – Garden Wargaming

Shed du Soleil

15mm is my preferred gaming scale, but I have always hankered after Garden Wargaming in the One True Scale. For a couple of weeks, I have been painting a 1:1 terrain piece in my garden, built with spares from my bits box*. The pros and cons of wargaming in the One True Scale are briefly as follows:


  •  Any DIY shop stocks authentic colours . They have nicer names: Misty Dawn replaces Rotting Flesh.
  • Any figure that you put in your buildings will be correctly anatomically proportioned and have realistic flesh tones.
  • Buildings weather naturally without the need for filters or washes.


  • I only have space for one garage and one shed in my collection.
  • Figures in your collection demand to be fed and taken shopping at regular intervals.
  • Collecting sword-wielding scantily-clad fantasy babes in this scale will almost certainly cause domestic strife!

Heavy Lifting Stuff

Here we see the lovely Mrs K doing some heavy work on the fascia boards. The colour scheme internally was dictated by my spare tester pots and was declared to be Magic Roundabout meets Cirque du Soleil. The shed also sports a posh designer chandelier, generously donated by a friend, and an oak door recycled from the house front door. Drinks cabinet to follow 🙂

Cirque du Soleil

Meets Magic Roundabout

* The roof was made from 3 old internal doors. Internal panelling came from a salvaged sauna and floor tiles picked up from display boards from the DIY shop next door to my old business.



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4 responses to “The One True Scale – Garden Wargaming

  1. Ken

    Hmm – not sure if Mrs K has pulled a fast one there Chris, moving some of the “clutter” out of the house. On the plus side that looks like a mighty fine man cave


  2. You will have even more domestic strife if the only @homebabe you have is a sword wielding fantasy etc. – they don’t cook, do dishes, mend socks and so on. What’s a guy to do?


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