On the Workbench – 90th Light Division

Stuff that has been lying around for a while had a reshuffle and some work as 90th Light (Afrika) Division* is assembled. Some familiar pieces of equipment are standing in until the correct models are purchased. A trawl of my spare infantry boxes by General Heldenkleber raised enough grenadiers to fill a softskin-mounted regiment, but a few more trucks are needed – can’t have too many of them y’know. The last two 250s have been cobbled together for the gepanzert battalion**

On the Workbench 001

Yesthatphil has pimped the surplus Steyr Kfz70*** that I gave him, which prompted me to fill mine with a few PSC seated infantry and a spare tank commander who should probably be standing on the rear parcel shelf to get that extra bit of height in the desert. Phil’s Italian crew have decided that their mount would look better with a Breda cannon, racing stripes and cool shades for the crew – that sort of thing. My HQ staff have just added some clutter and spread themselves around on the back seats a bit.

90th Light Afrika Division WIPInevitably, with the changing orbat of this division that only lasted for 2 years in the desert, my orbat is a composite.

*90th Light Afrika Motorized Division (Nafziger, 2001):

288th Sonderverband Panzer Grenadier Regiment
155th Motorised Infantry Regiment
580th Reconnaissance Company
606th Army Light AA Battalion
361st Afrika Artillery Battalion, with 3 Batteries of 4 – 105mm Howitzers each
1 AA Battery with (12 – 20mm AA Guns)
Fallschirmjäger (Parachute) Lehr Battalion (700 – 1,200 men in Martuba, 360 present on 1/6/42)
90th Light Afrika Motorized Division (Feldgrau, 2015):
155th Rifle Regiment
200th Motorized Infantry Regiment
361st Africa (Infantry) Regiment
361st Artillery Battalion
190th Tank Destroyer Battalion
Motorised Recce Company 580
Motorised Signals Company 190
Heavy Infantry Gun Company 707
Heavy Infantry Gun Company 708
Nafziger G., (2001) The Afrika Korps: an Organizational History 1941-1943, Nafziger Collection.
Pipes, J. (n.d.) 90.leichte-Afrika-Division http://www.feldgrau.com/leInfDivAfk.php?ID=1  [Accessed 21 July 2015]
**288th Sonderverband Panzer Grenadier Regiment had no armoured transport. These guys are just standing in on their way to Russia until more trucks arrive.
*** Phil can tell a Steyr from a Horsch, even if I can’t.


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2 responses to “On the Workbench – 90th Light Division

  1. yesthatphil

    Good stuff, Chris … one comment though: re all that ‘Phil has pimped his Horsch …’ etc. I think what you are trying to say is that I have painted mine – yours is still waiting to be finished 😉 …
    Your is Afrika Korps, mine has been commandeered by the Italian desert patrol … Also I thought they were Steyr vehicles but maybe the Horch and the Steyr designs look the same …
    Time to get these formations rolling across the battlefield methinks …


    • … errr nope, they are indeed Steyrs. Oops. The Horch is the square fronted one, and I have corrected the text now. I’ll put a small scenario together, then ask Treb about something bigger in Shedquarters.

      Regards, Chris


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