On the Workbench – Austin K6 Crash Tender

RAF Fire Tender WIP

Some time ago, I bought an Austin K6 crash tender from MMModels.co.uk ; remember the Airfix one? Also on the bench are some early war Germans, who are going to end up as ground crew and security detachments.

I have a couple of weeks of unplanned sick leave – nothing serious; a junior rafting colleague mixed up his ambition and his ability, so I am nursing a broken metacarpal from fending off one of his rafters who boarded my raft without warning at the end of the session. It’s a bit like ‘Chindit‘ Wingate slipping on the soap getting out of his bath.

It turns out that two of the things that I can’t do is drive to work or safely hold a scalpel. On the plus side, I can type and eat left-handed with chopsticks. The time freed up should be put to good use on the blog.

The cataloguing of my NQM boxes is coming along nicely too – even if  only at five finger speed.


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