PSC Fallschirmjägers Announced

PSC FallschirmJaegers

I had been looking forward to the release of the Plastic Soldier Company Fallschirmjägers, and particularly their heavy weapons, so it is  disappointing to see that they have continued the 15mm trend set by Flames of War to produce stumpy figures with no abdomens. These figures have been “Warhammered” to scale a 20mm figure down to i5mm size.

*Sigh* Folk will love them; sales will boom and it is the sensible commercial choice, but my choice of true-scale figure packs is limited to the original two that PSC brought out. On the bright side, if I paint the faces green, they will be perfect for Orkschirmjäger ’45K™. Moving swiftly on …

It goes without saying that every time I get pompous about unrealistic, pumped-up sculpting, the net proves me wrong!

Fat para 2

Above: Realistic sculpt.

Fat Fallschirmjaeger

… The life model class that it was taken from.

The mystery of why the Luftwaffe felt obliged to develop the Me-323 Gigant transporter is solved at last; it was nothing to do with airlifting tanks at all.



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5 responses to “PSC Fallschirmjägers Announced

  1. yesthatphil

    There you go again …

    I saw them on TMP and everyone seems to think they’re great 😉 😉 (if you want nice figures you can get them from Mr Pig … ) …

    Then again, the only plastic figures I like are 1/72 soft plastics.


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  2. Ken

    On the plus side theyre going to be cheap, and if the other heavy weapons sets are anything to go by you can get the box, replace the figures with PPig and still be quids in

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  3. Ah the joy of a reenactor’s display….




  4. That guy also explains why the LW gave up airborne drops, not enough silk to make the XXXXL parachutes for the later recruits


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