On the Workbench – Signals/Command Truck

Scratchbuilt Signal Truck

Signals Truck - Side View

This conversion is another “Truck from Trash” that may have plumbed new depths in trashiness. The original toy could be seen gracing BOX 024, as one of three massively oversized models pretending to be heavy trucks. It once had a G.I. Joe missile on the back or some other such nonsense, but has done years of service as a slightly-better-than-card 3D marker.

Signal Truck Front View

The captured Granit command van next to it gives an idea of scale, which from the side is not too bad. What lets 20mm scale trucks down is always the width and height, so out came the X-Acto razor saw to remove a 5mm fillet from the centreline. Thin card covered the gap, and boxwood carved to shape provided the cabin on the back. I went for the look of a truck that had been pressed into service with a civilian railway hut put onto the flatbed on the back. I should have reduced the height of the cab to complete the illusion; it looked good enough without doing this though. Sometimes one just has to know when to stop. The picture below shows the width difference between the original shocker and its filleted cousin..

Signals Truck Painted


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