Birthday Games

I thought that I had been dragooned ‘a.k.a. volunteered’ to take my youngest God daughter to Northampton Comicon and so I dressed accordingly as Colonel Mustard from Cleudo. As it was, Suzanne had blind-sided me and organised Yes-that-Phil to set up a surprise games day in Wellingborough. I needn’t have worried about my disguise; everyone thought I was just dressed as normal!

Colonel Mustard meets Ali BabaColonel Mustard quizzes Professor Plum about the candlestick, in the library.

Most of the WHELKS* turned up to the day or the dinner afterwards, with apologies from Trebian, and Tim Gow (Who sent an NQM division of Shermans as a present – thanks Tim). The surprise celebrity guest was Martin from Peter Pig, who turned up with a very much appreciated bottle of Port, and Hammering Iron, from Weymouth.

Phil has covered the day over on his blog. All I need to do is note that Birthday Die Rolling produced two massive Union sinkings. Martin tells me that this amounts to being a  Tactical Genius in Hammering Iron. Thanks for letting me win chaps!

Proper Sunk

Chris Ager produced a (massively overscaled for 15mm) wooden toy tank as a turn counter gift. Of course, when Phil turned out to be one tank short for the AK47 Old School game,  it was briefly shoe-horned onto the table. Saner heads prevailed after it was pointed out that “The Thingy” occupied the same space as a built-up template. Bombastia have since claimed the hull as the design template for a MkII Titan terror Tank; (think Warhamster Baneblade without any of the subtlety).

Expect to see the Munchkin workshops produce something wildly-over-the-top-awsome. I reassured Phil that his gift of  some 85mm Soviet AA would be painted and on the table for the next game.

Titan Terror Tank MkII

So thanks chaps and Suzanne; that was a brilliant birthday!


Suzanne performed above and beyond the call of duty by taking three excited teenagers to Comicon the following day, dressed as a Schoolmistress from Harry Potter; (she just put her old teaching gown on and glared at anyone who misbehaved! Twenty years of prior experience ensured that it did the trick).

I spent the next day working on my true-scale rustic lean-to in the back garden. Apparently I do have space for one more model in my collection.

True-scale Rustic Lean-to

*Wellingborough Historical and-Ever-so Loosly Kultural Society



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2 responses to “Birthday Games

  1. Chris,
    I am sorry to have missed your birthday bash, but I was in North America trying not to lose my temper every time I heard the rebels called ‘Patriots’ and not correctly as traitors.
    As I’m well over the hill I can tell you that the view over here is great … as you’ll find out yourself one day. I was recently asked if I was ever going to grow up … and I said that I hoped not! Stay young by acting young; I know that you will!
    All the best,


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