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Karma has patted me gently on the back – I pontificate about rubbish Munchkin tanks and get one as a birthday present! The only way to respond to such gentle winds of fate is to superdetail my splendid gift, so that I have another Munchkin to annoy Trebian with*.

Pointing With StyleThe Titan Terror Tank MkII runs out of fuel outside the gates of an oil refinery.

The development history of the “Mammut” super heavy tank built for the Bokassan Navy is short, fictitious and complex: Originally built in 1936 as a failed prototype for a wheel- track convertible super heavy tank by Vickers, the “Jumbo” was taken into service by the Bokassan Navy to provide inland fire support beyond the range of the navy’s two monitors. the Navy hoped that this step-jump in size from the “Titan Terror Tank Mk1” would give it a clear lead against the Army of Dog.

Early attempts to use the tank “as is” (see picture above) convinced the Admiralty Board that a wheel-track 300 ton convertible tank with a pull cord for motive power had no future in a country with few all-weather roads. It was sent to the Munchkin workshops, where such defects as no frontal hull or rear armour were rectified. The dummy wooden prototype gun was replaced by an 8″ naval gun and a 105mm anti aircraft gun in the main turret. A further 40mm Bofors was added to the turret roof, and two Rheinmetall 20mm AA guns and machine guns were set into flying bridge wings on the turret. Because of this, Bokassan infantry are wont to call the tank “Dumbo” on the basis that it will never fly.

Titan Terror Tank Mk IIATowering against the evening sky of the Velt, the Titan Terror Tank Mk IIA’s sky camouflage is fooling no-one.

Two panzer III engines powering electric drive trains ensured that the tank would struggle with all but the gentlest of inclines. Each tank has a crew of 30** and a supporting battalion of mechanics, protecting infantry, and logisticians to keep it running. Cooling louvres were added to the formerly excellent side armour of the hull, in order to reduce the excess heat generated by the motors to merely paint-blistering.

At the time of writing, the tank has yet to cover more than 1km without overheating or bogging in, and has never made it to a battlefield before the action has ended on move six.

AK47munchkinWith a side profile that only a mother could love, the square Munchkin fits the minimum legal base profile for Old School AK47

*He described the 40mm square Munchkin as an “abomination”; he’s going to love this one 🙂

** Including the Commadore’s batman.


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