Superglue Isn’t going to cut it!

Not much gaming in October, but my true-scale Rustic Lean-to is coming along nicely. 18mm marine ply would be a bit thick on 30mm square bases, but works nicely in true-scale. Mind you, the sheets are a b*gg*r to handle, and you have to build the roof by climbing onto the roof.

Cowboy Builder on another wobbly ladder job.Cowboy Builder on another wobbly ladder job.

Trebian has the right idea; his 10mm shed cost about £3. I don’t expect to see much change from £6-8k. I’m wondering if I should paint the roof black, shade up to Bestial Brown and then put an ink glaze on to get realistic cedar. On balance though, I shall probably leave it unpainted.

Realistic Cedar without Army Painter



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3 responses to “Superglue Isn’t going to cut it!

  1. Why are you sticking perfectly good figure bases to your shed roof? Baffling behaviour!


    • Dear Tim,

      I didn’t read the scale on the packet, so they are too big for their intended use, and I couldn’t think of anything else to do with them. 🙂

      Regards, Chris


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