Moscow Front Winter ’42 – Spring ’43

The Winter offensive of 1942 started with Soviet forces breaking through the Axis front lines North of  KALININ (Кали́нин). Once this offensive was underway, Forces in front of MOSCOW took up the offensive, denying the Wehrmacht the opportunity of counterattacking with reserve forces.

Soviet 27th Infantry Corps attacking West, viewed from the NorthThe Red Hordes Advance West




Axis Main Defensive Line looking South to MOSCOWLooking South to MOSCOW

I shock Army attacking MOSCOW looking SouthIst Shock Army attacking MOSCOW looking South


MOSCOW looking NorthwestMOSCOW looking West


7 Panzer and 20 Motorised Divisions Regrouping West of MOSCOW7 Panzer and 20 Motorised Divisions


Soviet ariel reconnaisance reveals German Armoured Concentrations




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4 responses to “Moscow Front Winter ’42 – Spring ’43

  1. Mike

    I look forward to the heroes of the motherland driving the fascist vermin back toward their lairs in the west.
    (Guess which side I’m rooting for! 🙂


  2. I expect that LittleHitler will be very grumpy if he is pushed out of Moscow 🙂


  3. Those city blocks look so cool, even chilly.


  4. The finest socialist people’s architecture, Arthur. Perfect for minus 20 degrees Celcius 🙂


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