Merry Christmas – Festive Games!

As the Season of Goodwill closes relentlessly upon us, it is time to celebrate with Festive Games. As anyone who works in the Media knows, the preparation work has to be done early, so suspend your disbelief at the realistic snow effects* and enjoy the first two inaugural games in the Rustic Lean-to.

Indoor Chariot Racing.


Nuff said!

True Scale WH40K Baneblade Simulator.

Baneblade Imperial Guard, Super-heavy Tank

This one requires some rules:


Rule 1.

The Ork has to throw a Stikkbomm through the open commander’s hatch of the Baneblade.

Rule 2.

The Baneblade Commander retalliates by using his/her Chainsword to decapitate the Ork Stikkbommas.

How the Game Went.

The Baneblade Commander had a little trouble initially, finding a stepladder tall enough to peer out of the commander’s hatch.

Her chainsword proved too short to reach any of the attacking stikkbommas, but was useful for batting bomms back down onto the heads of the attacking boyz. Four bommas met their end in this fashion. A stikkbomm went through the hatch on the 5th attempt.

Baneblade Commander

The Commander seems unworried by her recent demise

Baneblade console

View from the Commander’s hatch – with added rivets!

Merry Christmas!


*only available in December


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