On the Workbench – Steroidal Scale Creep

I was looking forward to the PSC 15mm Fallschirmjäger pack and first impressions were favourable – it includes four of the 7.5 cm Leichtgeschütz 40. with crew ….. Animation of the kneeling figures is a bit flat, but nothing that grouping them around the guns won’t hide.

The standing figures are nicely proportioned, but hang on … 20mm figures are creeping back into my collection by the back door.  Imagine my surprise when a kneeling PSC Jäger proved to be nearly as tall (13mm ground to eye when kneeling!) as a Standing Piggie. The oversized little scamps are creeping in on their knees, because the standing figures on the same PSC sprue measure in between 14 and 15mm ground to eye. It is very poor, and simply won’t do!

A stand of three strength pointsThis is not an optical illusion. The kneeling PSC chaps are only two millimetres shorter than the correctly sized standing Piggie.

That’s not all; the 6 pounder is not much smaller than the Airfix 1/76 version, both of which I have in my collection. The  barrel should be 2.54m long or 25.4mm. It actually measures 33mm, making the gun about 1/76 by my calculations. The situation is the same with the German early war heavy weapons – they look noticibly overscale compared to Piggies, Command Decision and Zvezda.

I already knew that the PSC SdKfz 251 is over scale compared to everyone else’s. It must be to fit the new oversized  grenadiers into. That’s a shame because the PSC boxes are otherwise excellent, but I probably won’t be buying many more now unless they are offering something that is unavailable elsewhere. If I had wanted 1/76 scale, I would have kept my original collection. Sigh, I wonder how overscale the medium trucks will be, and if anyone does scalecrept 12mm that will fit in with my 15s!


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4 responses to “On the Workbench – Steroidal Scale Creep

  1. Scalecreep is more noticible with the smaller scales, and if you add in base thickness, putting the little chaps beside similar scale houses and vehicles just looks wrong.


  2. yesthatphil

    Some of the ‘middle period’ Flames of War figures I also use are a bit scale-crept … and it is the kneeling or crouching ones that are the chunkiest. I have lopped the heads off and replaced them with Piggies … that calms the appearance down a bit.

    With those little monsters I’d be tempted to saw the bases off (or shim up the 15mm chappies instead) to get a better look) – but you know that already, Chris, and I’m sure you will do a great job 😉



  3. I quite agree. It’s why I like the totally out of scale look for Moscow. It forces players to accept that this is not a tactical simulation.

    Regards, Chris.


  4. I’m thinking of using them as casualties!


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