Progress on the Den

IMG_7759 (1)

Somewhere along the line, the Lovely Mrs K. started calling my true-scale rustic lean-to “The Den“. I think it was when the floorboards were ripped up and the whole room began to resemble a deathmaze with collapsing floor panels and low wire entanglements to catch the unwary. With all the silver insulation showing, no-one would have been surprised to see a Dalek trundle through the doors, or perhaps a Cyberman asleep in a corner.

IMG_7754 (2)

The Window Chap turned up last week with the final window (the same size as the opening this time) and did a sterling job of taking out the existing frame in an undamaged state.*

IMG_7767 (1)

… So for those who care, half of the first fix wires are in, the room is weatherproof again and all the walls and the ceiling are boarded; proper job! For those who don’t, my next post will have 12cm mortars in it!

*This is important, because it is going into the garage.



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2 responses to “Progress on the Den

  1. No need to be, General.

    I don’t have a mess tent with a chandelier 🙂

    Regards, Chris.


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