Easter Bank Holiday

Americans raised on warm sunny Spring Breaks may be confused by the rituals of the English Easter Bank Holiday: it rains and we stay indoors, or we sortie out wearing raincoats to trudge around in a muddy field, watching re-enactors wearing heavy sodden wool coats and silly hats.*

Lots of FillerTrue scale filler comes in BIG tubs!

Wargamers usually take advantage of the poor weather to paint stuff. My weekend was spent profitably filling in joint lines on the Den, and starting to apply the first basecoat.  No shading up from black for me. I slapped on a watered down coat of white emulsion and PVA, to seal the wood and brick. My detail brush is a two-and-a-half inch Harris, but most of the stuff goes on with a four inch Harris or a roller. All this is just to give a good key for the lining paper, so nobody cares how it looks; just as well really!

More FillerWhite undercoat as applied by Soviet ground crew.

*It is a mystery why a chap in a high necked wool frock-coat and a tricorn feels warmer  than someone in three hundred quid’s worth of plastic technobabble. Perhaps it is because he is having fun and the spectators aren’t?

Disclaimer: A couple of family members are lurking on the site – hence the glut of updates that have nothing to do with NQM.



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4 responses to “Easter Bank Holiday

  1. Dammit Sir, you have revealed my weakness for dressing up as an ancient loony.
    But it is a well documented fact that donning a tricorne hat will bring on rain. QV Blenheim, Ramillies, Oudenaarde, Malplaquet, and every reconstruction of Almanza.
    From one who has commanded the Anglo-Dutch in 1830mm scale all over Europe.


    • The lovely Mrs K is famous for having charmed one of the Ermine Street Guard out of his Lorica Segmentata down to his smallclothes, all in the pursuit of knowledge on a rare dry day. I had always previously believed that folk put hats on to fend off the rain, but now it all makes sense 🙂

      Regards, Chris.


  2. Oops, a couple of typos in my post. I hope the meaning is clear.


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