Old School AK47

Back in the day, Graham Evans ran a series of highly regarded AK47 days at Brixworth. The two hour format of the day lent itself to three games in a day. Then the rules changed to a game that took three hours to play, so the steam ran out of the original format. Whilst they lasted, these days were my only foray into mildly competitive gaming, and were huge fun.

NTLworld, bless ’em, are farming their account holders’ free websites out to a subcontractor, so I am migrating some old stuff over to  the blog before it vanishes into the 404 void.


 Brixcon was the World’s Original, and finest AK47 Tournament, held at Brixworth Village Hall in Northamptonshire 

The tournament used Peter Pig’s original AK47 Republic rules for Warlord Level Battles in Africa 1955 to 1990

AK47 landie Loaded

  Phil Steele’s winning entry  from the 2008 Tradewinds Outdoor Challenge for the most overloaded militia vehicle.

AK47 Surf's up

AK47 “Swimsuit Pictures”

Congratulations to Phil Steele for the first ever AK47 Pin-ups; they didn’t win a prize, but should have done :O)


AK47 piglet with T-54 objective marker

The ‘Piglet’ Armoured Car. Without doubt the smallest AC at the 2003 convention on a legal 3cm x 3cm base!

A Munchkin is a term of mild scorn for a Wargamer who plays the rules to win, and cares nothing for history, or study of the subject being gamed. Ak47 Gamers are on the whole, a cheerful bunch, with little regard for gamesmanship.

The first “Munchkin” model was built after a debate on the AK47 Discussion group about the advantages to be gained by having dimensionally small or large tanks, and the smallest allowable base sizes. I decided to build a model to show what the effect would be, and the “Piglet” was born. The “Munchkin” and “Titan Terror Tank” soon followed. I had so much fun building them that my Munchkin collection is still growing (true in 2008!).

AK47 Munchkin Tank

If the ‘Munchkin’ was the smallest tank on the day 2003 …

The “Thin Munchkin” is the result of someone pointing out that if a tank is not based, it can be any width (you know who you are!) Watch this space, and if you expect to drive tanks through holes in the rules, then you had better be prepared to build one!

AK47 Thin Munchkin Tank

Then the ‘ Thin Munchkin’ was the thinnest … fat crews need not apply! I had to put it on a base in the end to stop road camber from tipping it over.

In 2007, a spirited discussion ran on the RFCM website about mortars. At one point, trailer-mounted mortars were mentioned. Knowing a little about mortar recoil, I built this*:

AK47 Munchkin Trailer Mortar

One cannot quite see the hole that the mortar has punched through the bed of the trailer, but the state of the axle is quite plain. The crew are wondering why the shot has veered off to the right of the picture.

*The final joke is on me though, as in 2011 I read an account of an SAS party in France 1944 firing a 3″ mortar through the open roof of a Citroen saloon car. They only fired 10 rounds and the suspension was reported to be in poor condition afterwards, but even so, it worked after a fashion.


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3 responses to “Old School AK47

  1. On mortar recoil, I read a few years ago of the experiences of a 3-inch mortar crew in during a heavy German counter-attack in Normandy. They’d had to set up in some notably soft ground. By the end of some very brisk action, the mortar had buried itself a good half its height into the turf, and took a fair bit of fetching out again!

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  2. Mike

    Even if some were a bit gamey, I loved seeing those pics. Especially enjoyed the overcrowded pickup and the girls sunning themselves despite that annoying war going on.

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