Brixcon 2004

Brixcon 2004 

 Brixcon 2004 was on Saturday 11th June 2004, at Brixworth Village Hall in Northamptonshire

The Bokassan Navy Supergun. I used it to denote an Airstrike!

Brixcon 2004 was the third AK47 convention. In 2003 our youngest player was 15, our oldest admits to 65+, and we had a couple of complete novices, both of whom had a great time. The emphasis was on friendly competition, and no-one took it too seriously. If they did, we fed them tea and biscuits until they calmed down. There was simply no better way to be introduced to the game of AK47 than this. People came from Scotland and the South coast for this event, it was that good!

The ‘Titan Terror Tank’ was probably the largest tank at the Tournament!

And what a convention it was! Rather than try to give an overview, here is the story from the perspective of my own AK47 army – The Bokassan Navy. They played three very enjoyable games. in 2003 they came second or third-ish. (I was never quite sure with Graham’s scoring system, and could never summon up the energy to submit him to the close grilling it would have taken to find out.) Everything was to play for this time around.

AK47 Ekranoplan

The Bokassan Navy Ekranoplan filmed by a US spy satelite. The Ekranoplan has never flown!…

My first game was against Peter Allton, a charming opponent who had a distressing ability to “roll lots of sixes” – the preferred AK47 winning strategy. My army always used the maximum number of available political points, so always attacked for preference. With a wildly inconsistent ‘Religious Army’ it was just more fun that way. Pete always apologised nicely before doing surgically unpleasant things to my militia with the dice, and my infantry spent most of the game alternately advancing and retreating to try to tempt him in close to my RPGs; no luck though, he was too smart for that.

The battle was close, right up to the last moment when my best unit, holding the key 30 point objective failed its final morale throw with a ‘one‘. I can hardly blame the dice as Peter had stayed focused on his objectives, and after disposing of my two tanks with shots one and two of his only professional tank, he had used it to good effect to dominate the centre of a very open table.

Anyone who has met me will know that I always take along as many wrecked tank models to an AK47 game as I take tanks. They are usually always all needed! I consoled myself with admiring the paint job on Peter’s tank, and blaming the Curse of the Mummy!

AK47 2004 Game 1 - Curse of the Mummy

Game One was on the Desert Sands: (Chris Ager’s Table)

Game two was against Rob Grayston, our youngest player. Last year he played me in his first ever AK47 game. This year he beat me by one point, because in the rules you gain one point if your name is Rob! (No really – buy a copy and see. I’m not making it up!) This won him the prize of luckiest player, as opposed to last year’s prize of the wooden spoon. As for the game; it see-sawed to and fro as all good AK47 games do. I was getting used to being beaten by players who are only one third of my age – hoopla! I omitted to take a photo of this table – so here is another one like it.  Note the Presidential Limos visiting the Radio Station.

AK47 Table 4Game Two in the Jungle :  (Dave O’Brien made this Table)

Game three was against Paul (Von) Mileham – against whom I played my first ever game of competitive AK47. We were both well down in the Duffer’s League by now, so we settled in for a relaxed third game. I enjoyed fighting Paul’s splendid white-suited sailors, and hated playing against his professional tanks; but this year he had brought RCLs on Land Rovers, and his tanks failed to turn up at all. I suppressed a chortle, and assumed a proper sympathetic visage, but his Landies still got one of my tanks! Oh well …

AK47 2004 game 3a

At left, you see my two regular tank/infantry units closing on their objectives. On the right are the Oil Silos, defended by Paul’s sailors ( On Martyn Simson’s Table)


Keeping a cool head, my infantry settled down to pound Paul’s defended positions with mortars. More troops closed the gap and this carried the day, together with my only airstrike in two tournaments. Happily, it bombed Paul’s Naval infantry on the football pitch, and not mine, who by now were around the oil silos. Well done Bigglevski!  Jolly confusing having all these sailors around, what, what! 

AK47 2004 game 3b

Paul’s defending infantry and Land rover mounted Recoilless Rifle (RCL) wondering if it is safe to come out. It isn’t!

Thanks to Paul, I ended up with a slim positive score. Thanks to Geoff and Martin on the trade stands, my wallet was thinned out too, but the new toys were well worth it.

The Photos above are all courtesy, and copyright, of Paul Hooper. His Zin Zan Website can be reached from the links page.




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2 responses to “Brixcon 2004

  1. Great report – sounds like a good do. Never played AK47 but seeing as you can have an Ekranoplan in it I’m sold on it.




  2. Dear Pete,

    Quite a lot of odd things appeared in the tournament over the years: Men in Black, Rider-Haggard’s anti-tank elephant, Sailors, Martians, pirates, a succession of presidents, each more corrupt than the last – the list was finite but felt endless.

    Regards, Chris


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