QRF 15mm WWII Sale Review – British Artillery Limbers

Quick Reaction Force held a 15% Sale over Salute 2016. I wanted some of their logistic and command vehicles, so it was a good time to purchase. I have ordered QRF before and found their castings to be challenging to assemble, so what were the latest crop like?

BSV11 Bedford QLB Bofors tractor


My casting was nearly complete (missing a window strut, will be easily added buuut* …), was clean, square and had a minimum of mould lines, assembling easily except for the wheels, which needed propping as they dried to remain square. The crew were added by me. Nobody else makes a kit of this limber, so full marks, and recommended, being excellent value at £4.50


BSV07 CMP Bofors Tractor


This proved to be an older mould, needing a lot of cleaning up to obtain a presentable model. At £3.50 it is still excellent value for a metal kit if you are prepared to put the work in. Again, no-one else makes a model of it, so recommended if you have an hour to spare and are handy with a Dremel, metal file and set square.

QRF CMP Bofors Tractor

The catalogue picture cunningly does not show the cab front windscreen, which had a lot of gritty flash on my example. My painting has cunningly disguised it too. It is a heavy undercut. The picture does show the irritating mould lines that clean off reasonably easily. The wobbly wheels need resetting again. Drybrushing simply highlights any flash that has been missed in the clean-up. Recommended , with minor caveats.

*I’ve since found a photo of a limber that has no window strut on the right side of the crew cab:

bedford QLB

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