True-scale Paint Scheme – the End of the Beginning

Racing Trim and Coving

Decisions have been reached as to the final Camouflage scheme for the inside of The Den.  We have gone for operating-theatre white (Very Bleached Bone), a pale yellow (Girly-Elf Yellow) trim line and Calico skirting boards (Bestial Brown :-)); Not quite the Kremlin, but vaguely Russian or Austro-Hungarian in appearance. Unlike a braille-scale modeller, who is accentuating detail for realism, I am trying to blend stuff in to a smooth finish.

Two-tone Winter Camouflage

My attempts at a two tone scheme were seen off; even calling it undercoating fooled no-one. Funnily enough though the thing that has made everything look finished was adding the coving strips. Normally this is a pig of a job, as is anything involving plaster, but the new generation of high density foamed plastic coving made this a doddle. The whole thing went up in half a day (and has stayed up, unlike my last professional plasterer’s coving).

The Coving Before Painting

The trouble with modern houses is that they shift around a lot, so unless the glues are flexible everything cracks. We came back from work some years ago to find that the traditional plaster coving had fallen onto our pillows making quite a dent. Ever since then, I have used lightweight replacement sections.


There was nothing lightweight about the sander that I hired (From Graham Sergeant, thanks Sarge!) as it trundled across the floor like a Soviet Front artillery barrage, flattening everything in its path.

Naked Soft Pine Floorboards

Several coats of gloss varnish later, the floor has quite a passable finish, ready for high heels, dropped forks and all the other insults that trendy flooring has to endure.

You Can See Your Face in it

The first fix electricity is in and tested, ready for the electrician, the cowboy hat came quickly off at this point. I cheated and checked the final resistance and voltage drop across both circuits, so I know they are going to pass.

Grown-up Stuff


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