QRF Review – BSV10 Bedford QLR Radio vehicle

BSV10 Bedford QLR Radio vehicle

QRF Bedford QLR Radio Truck

I made this model some time ago, was happy with it, and ordered another one. £4.50 buys you a large chunk of metal that looks like what it is supposed to be. My usual quibbles include wobbly wheels and nothing quite square, but they are part of the furniture for small batch metal castings that were hand-whittled by the sculptor . I’m pretty happy that someone makes a QLR, and at a very reasonable price too.


See what I mean about nothing quite square?

Trawling through pictures on the net produced lots of QLRs in Micky Mouse camouflage from France, post D-Day, but nothing to indicate they made it out to 8th Army, unlike the QLBs and Ds. The only photo that I have found to date is a restoration project with no provenance from the site.

Bedford QLR

Morris CS8s are more in evidence, but I find it surprising that there are almost no pictures of signallers posing in front of office or radio bodied trucks. You cannot move on the net for pictures of tankies lounging around their mounts. Allied Signallers are obviously a shyer breed.


Other likely vehicles are Austin K2, K3s, and Fordson WOT-2Ds, but again, photos of them are rare to non-existent. As ever, in the absence of evidence, I am making it up as I go along, based on what I can get. If you have a TO&E lying around for HQs in the Western Desert, or if you know of any contempory photographs, I would be very grateful for pointers.


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