On Collecting ….


A visit to Snowshill Manor over a Bank Holiday weekend caused me to reflect on the particular madness that collecting evidences. Charles Paget Wade (CPW) – one of many mad Sappers and eccentric Englishmen who have graced the world – reputedly left behind the largest private collection of Samauri armour outside Japan, and therefore qualifies as a world-class loon. The whole manor is stuffed with things he liked, so he lived in the stables (below)!


The following collections are not ranked in any way at all, they are just ones that I happen to know of and have enjoyed:

Like CPW, YesthatPhil’s collection fills the ground floor and cellar of his house.

Peter Shulman, of Peter’s War is in a class of his own.


Don Maddox owns more T-35s to NQM scale than were ever built (somehow, I doubt if his is the largest collection around):


Tim Gow probably gives Don and Peter a run for their money.


I suspect Chris Ager and Graham Hockley, but just don’t have the photographic evidence.

Chris Ager and Graham Hockley

Napoleonic and Lace War gamers are mad by definition and so don’t really count (all those buttons and facing colours … shudder). Neither do  massive public displays of train sets or boats, splendid though they are. Jim Strong and other indiviuals ought to qualify, but there are just so many of them that it is really mainstream behaviour nowadays.


Finally, the chap who assembled the Dutch National Sick Bag Collection is merely odder than most.


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3 responses to “On Collecting ….

  1. atcDave

    Speaking as someone with more models kits than I’m ever likely to get built, I see nothing wrong with this at all!

    No doubt some collections get odd or excessive, but to some extent I think its a normal hobby. Even if it is often amusing to see the twists it can take. And better than heading to the casino…


    • As a mad assembler of WWII infantry divisions myself, and as an admirer of your own collection, I wrote the piece with my tongue firmly in my cheek Dave 🙂 Obsessed is the new normal!

      Kind regards, Chris


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