Bedford QLB Artillery Tractor

Bedford QLB Artillery Tractor with Bofors 40mm AA Gun

A good deal of my research consists of trawling the net for photographic evidence. I am always suspicious of photographs of restored vehicles; as the restorers can, and often do, paint the vehicle in a scheme that takes their fancy. In the absence of anything else though, it is a start.¹

Bedford QLB 51st HD

Two such photographs are of a Bedford QLB decked out in desert colours for 51st Highland Division, and a QLR signals van for 7th Armoured Division.

Bedford QLR

As ever, I would be grateful if anyone has more information or supporting evidence.

  1. No prizes though, for pointing out that the  40mm Bofors in the top picture is an American-crewed stand-in


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2 responses to “Bedford QLB Artillery Tractor

  1. David Meyer

    My father used to own the QLR in the photograph. I have a photo of it in our shed.
    I would be interested in knowing who the current owner is as the restoration looks fantastic.

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  2. Dear David,

    Thanks indeed for adding to the post. I can’t help you with details of the current owner, but would be interested to know if the QLR was still in its original livery when your father bought it – I would guess at bronze green if it was a home service vehicle?

    If you want a picture of the QLR on the net for posterity, email me at nqmech( AT ) and I will run a post on it. Someone may know more than I do.

    Kind regards, Chris.


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