Raupenschlepper Progress

I took a break from the massive heap of nowhere-near-finished British Desert Infantry to complete something achievable. It turned out to be a true-scale door (don’t ask) and this practically free Raupenschlepper Ost with the scratchbuilt tracks.


It turns out that a creative bit of paintwork on the wheels can fool the eye into thinking that it is a proper model. I’ve grouped it with a Peter Pig Pak 38 to lend it some credibility, and because it is heading straight to one of my Neu Art German infantry divisions. Note the over-the-top superdetailing on the grenadier’s collar tabs. He is very proud of his new Waffenfarben.



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3 responses to “Raupenschlepper Progress

  1. That is a very nice scratchbuild. I have a couple of actual models of RSOs (one of those buy in a magazine capers), but what I see here suggests I can make more.


  2. Hi Ion,
    I can only claim scratchbuilding for the tracks, as the rest comes straight out of the Raupenschlepper box. The key was to use the flat anti-tank chassis and score the sides to make the rear cargo bed. It is such a simple structure, though, that a complete scratchbuild would even be within my own limited capabilities.

    Regards, Chris.


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