Wide Wheelbase 25pdr

PSC and Zvezda have opened up the 15mm market with excellent, if sometimes baffling choices of models. Zvezda is streets ahead in accuracy, with PSC ocassionally making schoolboy errors, such as the axle length on the new 25pdr and gun tractor kit.

Wide Wheelbase 25pdrs from PSC

However, PSC make the better wargames pieces, with a wide choice of options in their kits, and generous inclusion of crews and stowage. Taken together, the wargamer is spoilt for choice. Where all, manufacturers fall down though, is in the anatomy of their figures, and for that , the customer is to blame, preferring the “heroic” look over accuracy. There is nothing that the average bodger like me can’t fix though. Peter Pig’s older figures are amongst the best along with Skytrex.

PSC started well, their first two sets offering well-proportioned figures that were in line with 20mm figures, but soon descended to the currently popular 28mm fantasy look.

25pdr Gun Line WIP

My 25pdr gun line is coming on nicely now.



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2 responses to “Wide Wheelbase 25pdr

  1. Stop grumbling – those new 25pdrs will go round corners much faster!


    • … And fit into the ruts of tank tracks 🙂
      Happily, the excess axle stubs make nice discarded shell cases. So that’s another point in their favour.

      Regards, Chris.


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