11th Honourable Artillery Company RHA

These splendid chaps fought through the GAZALA battles with 25 pounders in the KNIGHTSBRIDGE box with the Guards Brigade, before being re-equipped with Priest self-propelled guns for 2nd Alamein¹ and fighting with 1st Armoured Division. I have chosen to model the company with a priest, because A, I have one, and B, it provides some variety from the hordes of 25 pounders that I need to model. PSC carrier crews provided the gunners, with a Peter Pig seated driver furnishing the obligatory “Officer with Map”

I’m currently trying to build extra limbers and to find out if the priests towed them, or used Kangaroos as limbers, or trucks, as I have modeled.

After munching through a PSC box of nine Universal Carriers, and adding five Loyd Carriers² to the eight or so Piggie carriers that I already own, it is clear that I still need more; in particular, FOOs to bulk out my artillery regiments. There is photographic evidence of FOOs in Morris and CMP trucks, and Dingos, but the carriers are such good value, and perfect for the job. More Quads are on the cards too.


  1.  Life in the Army – Chapter 11 — A Practically Unknown Train Stop Called El Alamein  Accessed on 29/12/2018 at: [ http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/ww2peopleswar/stories/56/a4454156.shtml ]

September 14, 1942
Rumours were rife that we were to have a new self propelled gun called a “Priest” and after a few days a batch of men were picked out to go to Heliopolis, which was in the Cairo area, to an American base, to learn how to use the new equipment.

Gunner Arthur Ward

The Regiment received a full quota of 24 Priests, but we learned later that the Americans had sent 72 in all, but all the others had been on a ship, which was sunk on the way across.

It thus turned out that we were to be the first British troops to use a self-propelled gun in action.

Major K Boulton

2. As far as I know, a few Loyd carriers made it to North Africa in REME units of armoured divisions, with generators in the back, used to start reluctant tanks. (The temptation to write Lloyd is overwhelming)


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