The LENINGRAD Counteroffensive (1)

Not Quite Mechanised LENINGRAD Front Jan-Mar 1943

Operation Polar Star (Polyarnaya Zvezda – Операция Полярная звезда) did not come as a surprise to Army Group North. The Snail Offensive had slowed from a crawl to a dead stop, and a pause at the River NEVA as both sides regrouped and recovered did not lull the defenders into believing that the Soviet Winter Offensive had run its course. The incomplete intelligence picture for both sides is summarised above. The actual orbats have been modified below now that the game is underway

German Orbat – Defenders

LENINGRAD Garrison: XVIII Infantry Korps – 122, 123  255 Infantry Division

ORANIENBAUM Garrison and forces East of LENINGRAD:

I Infantry Korps –  1, 11, 58 and 21 Infantry Divisions

Soviet Orbat – Operation Polar Star

8 Army – 4 Guard Rifle Division, 27, 28 Rifle Divisions

23 Army – 15 Guard Rifle Division, 13 Motor Rifle Division, 9 Cavalry Division

Front Reserves

55 Army –  48, 49 Rifle Divisions

The ground to be fought over was well-known to both sides:

River NEVA and OSERKI position




  • Casual readers of this blog might be forgiven for thinking that this looks like MOSCOW. It is not, of course. It is completely different. Maskirovka!



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