Butler Printed Models

These printed 1:100 models arrived in the post today. Review to follow. First impressions are very good. The pictures highlight any printing imperfections, and I suspect that paint will smooth out the lines. Everything is finely printed and spot-on square. The supporting web peels off easily with pliers.

The nylon printing material looks tough , so I am not expecting fine detail to break off in play.

There are some printing flaws, but if they don’t buff out, they already pass the three foot test.

Lines are most obvious on circular and sloping surfaces. Intricate detail can be printed in one piece.

The support webs are well designed and peel away quickly. To be continued …




Filed under Artillery, Modelling, Tanks, Trucks

2 responses to “Butler Printed Models

  1. theuniversalgardener

    I’m looking forward to the continuation.

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  2. renko1917

    3D printing – it’s the future!

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