Butlers’ Printed Models Review Krupp Kfz. 70 Protze

The 15mm Krupp Kfz. 70 Protze breaks out of its supports cleanly with the usual fine print lines visible on shallow sloping surfaces. These are prominent on close-up inspection, being most noticeable on the long sloping bonnet, but disappear at wargames distances. Eye protection should be worn and a thorough vacuum-up afterwards as plastic shards can ping for quite some distance when removed.

15mm Krupp Kfz 70 Protze

BPM 15mm Krupp Kfz. 70 Protze

Detail is good for a wargames model although rudimentary on the tyres.  Painting consisted of a black spray, a sand spray, then brushed coats of Dulux acrylic paints. The model scales well, and as with most printed models, is properly square where it should be and the overall impression is good. This version is of the Kfz. 70 Troop carrier.

This model is excellent value at £2.75 :

 The Protzes were most often seen towing PaK 36s as the Kfz. 69, but photos show that the ’70 was also used for this. The Kfz 81 towed the 2cm Flak. Sometimes the PaK 36 and Flak 2cm were mounted en portee directly onto the back of the truck. It might be thought that the PaK 36 disappeared from orbats by mid to late war, but it soldiered on in Volkssturm divisions and second-line units, as did the Protze.

Mine are off to fill gaps in the orbats of early and war infantry divisions.


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2 responses to “Butlers’ Printed Models Review Krupp Kfz. 70 Protze

  1. That looks a very respectable model for the price.



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  2. I’ve ordered a few different models now, and the quality is uniformly good, Pete.

    Regards, Chris.

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