Rasputitsa- In Slovenia.


The 1943 Rasputitsa has finally closed in on the NQM Eastern Front, and for real across Europe in 2019.  This is not as bad as might have been imagined, as I have just spent the last fortnight kayaking the River Soča, and was happy that the water levels were high. The Julian Alps were the scene of heavy fighting between Italy and Slovenia, particularly around this valley, and fortifications can still be seen dating from the late 1800s to WW2. our campsite at Napoleon Most (bridge) had the remains of pillboxes and trenches on both sides of the river.

Needless to say, I spent most of the time floating down the River², not always in an upright manner. I might have visited one of the museums in the area, had the European Wild Water Championships not been on over our last two days. Wild Water racers will cover the distances that we did in less than half the time. Watching them is pretty dull if you are not a kayaker, because they make it look ridiculously easy.

Three days in to our holiday, severe Katabatic winds barrelled down the valley. We were assured that these things normally lasted two hours. Two days later, half of our tents (not mine, he said smugly) and some camp site trees had blown down, including one over the only camp exit. The staff were unfazed, opening the summer bar for sleeping in. As we were, by now the only folk on the site still camping, it was not crowded, although the stuffed bear inside looked a little put-out.

The rest of the Chaps seem to have deserted the Mess, Mr Holland.

  1. (pronounced Soch-ah).

2. For anyone who is interested, I’m the third boat down (Yellow boat, red helmet).  The scrapes on my helmet were newly minted on this trip 🙂



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2 responses to “Rasputitsa- In Slovenia.

  1. I’m sure that nice photo of tents set up in a peaceful sunny glade is telling a different story! Hope you enjoyed the “holiday” though” 🙂

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  2. The calm after the storm, John. The empty chair is the third survivor 🙂

    Regards, Chris

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