2nd Alamein Pocket Orbat

8th Army HQ and Army Troops

8th Army HQ and Army Troops

I haven’t had a good parade for some time now. It is easily the best way of managing large orbats. There is no substitute for hauling the toys out of their boxes and putting them into their fighting formations prior to a game, so whilst I heartily disliked true scale parades, 15mm ones are great fun. The troops on parade usually benefit from an extra lick of paint too.  Sorting out the Pocket Orbat for 2nd ALAMEIN took longer than I thought, and it will probably be tweaked after a game or two.

8th Army vs Panzer Armee Afrika

All the toys now fit onto two of my steel Parade Trays¹, whereas before it took six. This looks like a much more manageable way of fighting Alamein in a day with six or so players, and as a bonus, four trays worth of toys are freed up for CRETE, TUNISIA, SARDINIA and ITALY.

The detailed pictures are being added to the Pocket Orbat, and should be published in a week or so.


  1. A very grand name for a Tegometal display shelf backing panel.


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2 responses to “2nd Alamein Pocket Orbat

  1. Haha I need to do exactly this to see what I’ve got and where it’s up to. Just need to get rid of the family for a day so I can spread everything out over the house haha

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  2. You may need to keep the ‘Nids in their own pen and feed them with chips to keep them in one place 🙂
    Regards, Chris.


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