Book Review – Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot

Stuka Pilot Helmut Mahlke Book ReviewMemoirs of a Stuka Pilot

Helmut Mahlke

This book is a challenging but rewarding read. Helmut Mahlke details out his career as a Stuka pilot, and was clearly proud of his war record, his unit and his technical professionalism as a leader. The reader may be left uneasy at the Stuka’s use in WW2 as a terror weapon in the early part of the war. Mahlke was part of a naval squadron and trained initially to attack shipping, but went on to fight in the Battle of Britain, North Afrika and the Eastern Front.

There is a wealth of detail in the employment of the Stuka, and it is perhaps surprising that the pilots considered their aircraft to be robust and reliable, had high morale and took great pride in completing their missions. Mahlke’s views on Germany’s Italian allies may come as a surprise to those who have hitherto formed their opinions from only RAF accounts.

At its heart is the conundrum that faces any reader of a WW2 bomber pilot’s memoirs, particularly those of a pilot unquestioningly serving a totalitarian regime. The Dambusters were celebrated, yet the allied bombing campaign caused far greater civilian casualties, returning the Nazis early efforts over Holland with interest. On both sides, civilians bore the brunt of the war.

My review copy was provided by Pen and Sword Ltd and was published by Frontline Books, London (2013)


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2 responses to “Book Review – Memoirs of a Stuka Pilot

  1. I like to read memoirs- I shall look out for a copy.



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  2. Dear Pete,

    It was an interesting read on a number of different levels, especially having read The Helicopter Boys and Tank Commander in quick succession before and after. Mahlke, like any autobiographer, wanted his story to be heard and his part in the war understood.

    For me, the book gives a different perspective on the Stuka and the pilots that operated them that differs from the wargamer’s and the journalists’s view of an obsolete, outclassed weapon. That was a surprise.

    Regards, Chris


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