Model Review – True North YAG10 mounting an M1931 76.2mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

True North YAG10 mounting an M1931 76.2mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

The True North YAG10 mounting an  M1931 76.2mm Anti-Aircraft Gun is a beast of a model on a number of levels: It is large, measuring 75 x 40mm, tall (25mm just to the top of the cab), and it has a massive presence on the wargames table. It was also a pig to put together, with a-five piece cab and bonnet that didn’t quite fit. The flatbed needs filing and careful alignment. Despite my best efforts the end result sloped down and forwards to the cab in an annoying fashion.The spare tyre that sits under the flatbed just behind the cab is not modelled, and should be added if you care about that sort of thing.

It didn’t help that one of the door panels was missing in the kit. I know that manufacturers will send out spares if contacted, but it is quicker to fabricate one from flat. You can see which one it is in the picture as it is the door that fits properly 😦

My model came with a small seat that had no obvious point of attachment to the gun, but online photos show a shallow tractor-type seat attached to the right hand side of the gun in the gun-aimer’s position. Only 333 of these were built¹, and only 61 with AA guns at the start of the war², so even rarer than Tigers!

Despite these reservations, the end result is worth the effort. I added some Skytrex tank riders for the crew and will get around to finishing it off when it has a few battles under its belt.

True North YAG10 mounting an M1931 76.2mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

Product ID: SUE13
YAG10  76mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
True North via Old Glory UK
They make AA and Gun crews too, but looking at the US website, you find this:
Product ID: SU07
Russian AA Crews (12 figures)
15mm scale – This pack contains 4 horses, 2 mounted riders, 2 riders in process of mounting the horses and 4 foot.
I don’t imagine that this is true for one moment, but this lack of attention to detail loses sales!
2. Accessed 2.11.2019YAG-10 with M1931 76.2mm AA Gun


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10 responses to “Model Review – True North YAG10 mounting an M1931 76.2mm Anti-Aircraft Gun

  1. MGH

    Urrah! That should make those Stuka pilots think.
    I do Eastern front in 3mm scale, one of the reasons is all the work you had to do to throw that kit together. Ugh. Looks great though!

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  2. Very nice, Chris! Hadn’t see one of these before and it really is a brute! 🙂

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  3. Have a look at YesthatPhil’s model on P.B. Eye-Candy too, John. He got there first in Nov 2015 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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  4. Nigel Drury

    I had fun gluing in GHQ crewmen to detail a 3D printed version of this in 1:285.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. None discovered later glued under your fingernails, I trust, Nigel?

    Regards, Chris


  6. Very nice- given the operational scale of your games am I right to assum,e this is being brought to the table for it AA abilities and not as some giant ATG?



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  7. renko1917

    Looks great – I hadnt realised OG were carrying True North – will have a look

    Liked by 1 person

  8. It saves having to send for them from America, Ken.

    Regards, Chris.

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