Crete – D Minus 4

CRETE - Allied and Axis Troops Assemble in their staging areas before heading to Shedquarters

The Axis troops are massing in their assembly areas. On the Allied side, Major-General Freyberg knows that an invasion is imminent, but has precious few troops in good order to do something about it. The most likely scenario is a seaborne invasion.

CRETE -Sturmgruppe COMET west

The layout at the top of the page is entirely schematic, and the only purpose  is to make sure that no one is left behind, or turns up without his face painted! Fitters in the various Greek airfields are fuelling, arming, and in some cases still frantically fitting propellers to aircraft!

Crete - MALEME and its Associated Airstrip

The RAF is taking things easy in the sun whilst the Army continue to cobble defences together.

CRETE - Allied Central Command

Local ports are being scoured for anything that will float, and the Kriegsmarine are hoping that the Corinth Canal is cleared in time to get vital fuel shipments through to the Luftwaffe.



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