Winter Quarters – Base Signs

If it has gone quiet for the last week or so, it is because the troops are all in barracks, preparing for inspections and the like. Marking up the bases of units is as old as wargaming itself, and some of my bases are regular palimpsests.

Base Signs

Take the orange base in the back row (2nd from left) with yellow just visible, and with White “50 1 SA” overwriting Black “2 Mech”. The base started off in a 20mm Soviet Mech Division in the early ’90s, before being recycled into the 15mm 1st South African Division, via a long wait in my recycled bases box. The 21st Panzer Base (bottom far right) lives in either box 36 or 19, depending on whether Corps or Pocket Scale Orbats are being used. Sometimes, paper labels become more or less permanent, as in the 25 Bologna label (front row third left). It helps stray units find their way home after a big game.

The New Zealanders are displaying a base rear with muted three position Red Amber Green pin positions to show the strength of the unit. Players seemed to find this helpful at the Crete game.


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2 responses to “Winter Quarters – Base Signs

  1. Sadly (maybe) I can relate to this! It does help though! 🙂

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  2. Consider yourself a member of the Grand Order of Anoraks, John. You’re amongst friends here 🙂

    Regards, Chris.

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