Review – BPM Fiat SPA Dovunque 35

BPM  (L+ Centre) and FoW (R) Dovunque 35Butlers Printed Models have had a rather nice Fiat SPA Dovunque 35 in their range for some time now. Previously, the only 15mm offering has been from Flames of War with their haphazard approach to supply, and “true” 15mm, this being a 1:120 resin model. The model itself was not too shabby but only came as a covered body and back. The pictures above and below show the FoW on the right with BPM left and centre

BPM Fiat SPA Dovunque 35 SideButlers offer a choice of covered cab with open or closed back. I have not tried snipping of the cab tilt to put a driver in, but as they also offer an AA version with open cab and back, it is easier to snip out the AA pedestal to fit passengers into the back. I have done this for 101 Trieste and 102 Trento Motorised Divisions.

The photos accentuate the print lines on curved surfaces that almost every printed model suffers from. Fow on the right this time.

BPM Fiat SPA Dovunque 35 BackThe BPM models have better squarer detail in every area except the canopies, which are lifeless, and suffer from the usual print lines on sloping and circular shapes. Prices are roughly even with FoW, but BPM score on prompt service and variety. My money goes to BPM on this one.


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4 responses to “Review – BPM Fiat SPA Dovunque 35

  1. Sounds like you’re pleased with them, so well done! Even high resolution prints tend to leave lines on very shallow angles and curves, but if you get the models you want and you’re happy enough with them that’s good enough! I like 3-D prints because I don’t have to deal with poor fitted bits or out-of-line miscast parts!

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    • I quite agree, John. The lines will file out on the more noticeable bits of the models, and a bit of thick paint followed by filing seems to help as well. The thing I like most about 3-D prints is the fact that they are bang-on square.

      Regards, Chris.

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  2. I’ve found them to be a good company to deal with.

    Nice models too.



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  3. I think that any firm that does slightly-out-of-the-ordinary models is to be encouraged, Pete.

    Regards, Chris

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