NQM Soviet Spring Offensive 1943 (Part 1)

In an attempt to beat the Rasputitsa, a mass of Soviet Forces surged forward across the whole Soviet front line. Any hope that OKH might have had that the reserves of Soviet manpower had been exhausted following the Winter Offensive, were soon to be dashed.

For the first time, sizeable numbers of Lend-lease trucks equipment and machine tools had been reaching the Soviet Union, which had the effect of extending the reach and endurance of formations once battle was joined.

VORONEZH 43 - Soviet 69th Army 270 GR Division AdvancesThe horizon fills with advancing divisions.

As Dusk Falls SS Wiking Breaks OutSS Wiking Panzergrenadier Division and SS Panzer Regiment 2.

VORONEZH 43 - 47th Motorised Division with att Panther Bn from SS Wiking47 Panzergrenadier (PzG) Division.

Nonetheless, XIV Motorised Korps felt confident, as it had rebuilt over winter and taken delivery of the new Panzer Vs and VIs¹, and Hummels, mounting 15cm guns on a composite PzIII/IV chassis¹.

Panthers Entrained for Wiking PG DivPanthers entrained for SS Panzergrenadier Wiking Division.

305 Rifle Division advances with 31 Tank Corps in reserve.

The first blow fell on 296 Infantry Division astride the VORONEZH – KURSK road with 69th Army putting in a full set-piece attack of 107, 111, and 183 Rifle Divisions backed by 270 Guards Rifle Division and 1st Tank Army (6Tk, 31 Tk and 3 Mech Corps).

183 Rifle Division breaks into the MDL

The attack broke in to the divisional main defensive line (MDL) of 296 Infantry Division, but then faltered as the reserve line held.

183 Rifle Division breaches 296 Infantry Division's MDL183 Rifle Division breaches 296 Infantry Division‘s MDL

The 296 Infantry Division Reserve Line is holding for now

The 296 Infantry Division reserve line is holding for now

But Follow-on Attacks on the Reserve Line are repulsed with heavy Soviet Losses

But 107 Rifle Division follow-on attacks on the reserve line are repulsed with heavy Soviet losses

After Heavy Fighting - The MDL is about to break but no more Soviet reserves are immediately Available

After Heavy Fighting – The MDL is about to break but no more Soviet Reserves are immediately available

… to be continued.

  1. My Hummel from syborg 3d printing is a late model, but I’m not picky.

Updated April 2022 to amend unit designations.


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5 responses to “NQM Soviet Spring Offensive 1943 (Part 1)

  1. MGH

    Yay! Or should I say Urrah!? You’re back doing your Eastern Front campaign, which I have long enjoyed following.

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  2. Thanks MGH,

    This ran for a while – nothing else was happening in Lockdown. It was a solo game out of necessity, but I used it to playtest a couple of streamlinings of the game, that will probably become permanent features.

    Regards, Chris.


  3. Looks good to me.



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  4. Thanks, Pete. More to follow.

    Regards, Chris.


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