NQM Soviet Spring Offensive 1943 (Part 3)


Central Axis finds the Roadblocks and advanced Defensive Line

Central Axis finds the Roadblocks and advanced Defensive Line

As 3 Mechanised Corps pushed forward, rearguard actions by the 298 Infantry Division recce battalion succeeded in delaying and causing casualties amongst the lead elements. Despite this, they could not halt the press of armour and infantry as it swarmed over the countryside.

31 Tank Corps bypasses the Roadblocks3 Mechanised Corps bypasses the Roadblocks


Despite a stubborn defence, the German line was too thinly held to hold the attack back, and soon, after bulging under pressure, the MDL broke, allowing Soviet armour to flood through the gap.

298 Infantry Divisional HQ in a Village North of Kharkov

Once again, the hard pressed panzers were forced to race to plug the gap in the defences. A forced march saw 47 Panzergrenadier Division  approaching the road link from the north, as the Soviet heavy armour reserve from 1 Tank Army advanced relentlessly westwards. To be continued …

The 47 Panzergrenadier Division Flanking Attack forms up before contact




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4 responses to “NQM Soviet Spring Offensive 1943 (Part 3)

  1. Looking good! 🙂 It’ll be interesting to see how that flanking attack goes!

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  2. That looks great, as usual.




  3. Thanks, Pete. Nothing quite like painting on the go!

    Regards, Chris.


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