Karrier KT4 Spider FAT

Every time that I think there is nothing new to learn about WWII, the net proves me wrong. 4th Indian Division used the Karrier KT4 Spider FAT as its Field Artillery Tractor, to tow 25pdrs. I have amended various orbats accordingly.

I am currently using assorted Quads and CMPs but should be able to bodge something from PSC quads. 

Kudos to the Society of Gentleman Gamers. They have actually printed a Limited run of Spiders, alas, in 1/76th scale.

This week’s post is delivered in the “new” wordpress blocks. I hate it’s “simplicity” and lack of functionality (e.g. no shift+alt+J to justify a block of text).

I hate the way that every new update forces you to go through an imposed learning cycle with no perceivable benefit. It is publishing for the lolz generation. 5/10, average 😦



Filed under 15mm Miniatures Wargames, 8th Army - British and Commonwealth, Artillery, Modelling, Western Desert

2 responses to “Karrier KT4 Spider FAT

  1. Will be interested to see your Spider(s) when done! 🙂 I’ll no doubt share your view on the new editor when it finally appears for me!

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  2. The Spiders may be some way off yet, John – Stavka is busy giving the the Wehrmacht a thumping around YELETS at the moment, but I would be very interested to hear from anyone who likes the new WordPress editor, and why? I gather the same process has happened in Blogger. Is it a drive to monetise the service?

    Regards, Chris

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